Journey Towards Meaning

Sonshine Leather is a re-birth of an amazing business that Nolan started when he was a teenager in the corner of a Christian bookstore that his parents managed on Music row in Nashville, TN. I (Angela) was a teenager who wanted a "Nolan Hughey" Bible cover, but couldn't afford one, so I made my own, to which he then was kind enough to attach snaps so I could keep it closed. He was my first date, but life went on and we eventually lost contact. We found each other again only 4 years ago, married, left a career in IT, and Sonshine Leather was quickly reborn. It has brought our talents together and is allowing us to live our dream of growing old while doing what we love and bringing meaning to people's lives. It has been a journey of discovery, dying (Ha) and sore fingers, but Nolan keeps saying, nobody ever came back to him years down the road and told him how much fixing their computer meant to them. What they do say some 30 years later is that their bibles have become family heirlooms, which gives us unspeakable joy that we can be a part of creating meaningful memories that are carried forward for generations to come.
We have come to love using leather as our canvas to recreate great pieces of art from almost forgotten artists of old. Because etchings and woodcuts work so well in leather we have become fans and collectors of old books and prints. We have 100's of old illustrations, engravings and woodcuts that we are pulling designs from and using in leather. Wedding and anniversary scrolls have also become one of our favorite ways to use photographs in a new way and preserving meaningful memories in leather.

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