Sonshine Leather Rebinding Bibles


We customize and produce every bible cover when it is ordered and our specialty is working with clients to personalize it. This listing is for rebinding YOUR bible and not one that we provide ( We have a separate listing for that)
This leather wrap around is patterned from an 1829 Bible design Nolan found while researching designs. Extraordinary care has been taken to reproduce every aspect of this wonderfully simple design. The second picture is a 40 year old Bible I've had since a child that feels and looks like new now, except with a 19th century elegance that can't be found anywhere else. For those civil war buffs, this would be the way to cover your favorite Bible, journal or book and stay true to the era. If you are like me, always sticking pictures and notes in your books and Bibles, you'll love the handy closure that keeps it closed and safe. This design is for a standard sized book, journal or bible. Larger sizes can be done but are slightly more and can be purchased in separate listings. (See our store) Make sure to insure your books and bibles when shipping to us! This is not a slipcover, the old cover will be removed and the new one is then permanently attached. It is a binding process that will preserve your keepsake for decades to come or become a treasure for future generations. Our standard color is shown in the first picture, the antiqued brown, but the actual colors vary slightly according to the individual piece of leather. Also standard are the antique ribs but a smooth spine is available on request. The last picture is of a bible Nolan did approximately 30 years ago which is a slightly different style of tongue but also a good example of the natural darkening of the leather and how long lasting it really is! Each piece of leather is different with slight imperfections that usually add character and originality to the piece. Price includes inscription of name and verse or quote. Custom designs can also be added and priced according to complexity, just request a custom order from this listing and we will create one for you. Orientation of the tongue and loop can be front or back of the bible, so just specify your preference.

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