Leather Custom Ketubah, Anniversary or Wedding Scroll, Large


We are really excited about releasing our wedding scrolls and ketubahs. For wedding ketubahs we can customize with your information and text as well as translate into Hebrew. These can be signed with standard ink or a fine tipped sharpie. We can do so much with these. The scrolls are especially great for 3rd wedding anniversaries which is traditionally celebrated with an item of leather! This is on a thinner leather, usually from goat skin, so it is soft and rolls up for easy presentation. We can print the occasion or date on the back,(up to 3 lines). The tie also becomes the hanger if used as a wall hanging if done in the traditional tattered edges as shown in the first two examples.The "slightly tattered" edges (2nd example) are left in a more rectangular shape and usually more suitable for framing.The 3rd example is the "slightly tattered" style and the 4th example shows using the scissor cut with slightly irregular edging. The final example is half a hide($125) with the original shape of the hide on the one side. Whole hides can be done for $145. Please open a custom dialogue with us for the whole hide option. Graduations, wedding invites, any special occasion can be remembered and given as a unique gift. Forget certificates that get filed in drawers, this is a gift that will be kept for generations later! These can be lightly antiqued or dyed or just left natural. We can reproduce your scanned certificates, awards, wedding license, etc. Let us know your occasion and we can provide suggestions from our designs. This is for 8.5 x 15.5 and includes text you provide and up to 3 lines for presentation on the back. Scrolls with added pictures(jpeg formats) or other design elements are an additional $20 and available by opening a custom request dialogue with us.

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