Custom Leather Banner or Sign


We customize and produce every leather banner, when it is ordered and our specialty is working with clients to personalize it.

Bad news: For this holiday season, we have reached our limit on what we can produce by Christmas.

Good news: We are offering gift certificates for each of our listings.

By presenting a personalized gift certificate this holiday, you will be giving the recipient the opportunity to work with us after Christmas and create a tailored heirloom which will be treasured for a lifetime.
Our leather scrolls have been such a hit, we decided to kick it up a notch and release the slightly larger version with an elegant hanging rod. As with our scrolls, any scripture, quote, logo, wedding vows, artwork, you name it, can be permanently etched into the leather for your daily visual pleasure. We have pictured one of the scriptures from 2 Corinthians framed in a beautiful woodcut by one of our favorite artists, Albrecht Durer. Also pictured an engraving of the last supper from an 1724 bible. This is also shown with some color enhancement. Home, office, storefront, these have as many uses as you can dream up. Finishes can be natural as with the first picture or just lightly "aged" as in the last pictured. Hand embellishments and/or added colors may incur additional charges. Please open a dialogue with us to discuss your ideas. The exact size varies according to the design and orientation but can be as long as 28 inched and as wide as 14 inches.

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