Handcrafted Leather Family and or Wedding Personalized Bible with family Heritage Section


We customize and produce every bible cover when it is ordered and our specialty is working with clients to personalize it.
This listing has become one of our most popular family or wedding bibles. Just let us know the first letter of your last name or send us a favorite version of it and we will create a beautiful family treasure. We can also customize with the family name and established date on the spine. The family size is approximately 11 x 9 inches and the spine is usually close to 2 inches thick. Most bibles these days use a very thin "bonded" leather which basically means it is made much like paper in that the leather fibers are mixed with "bonding" agents and reformed to give it a leather look. We use just real through and through belt weight leather. Every hide is a little different. We are always cutting around brands and scars to get the smooth finish you see on our bibles but every one has its own subtle differences with small scars and slight variations of color and grain. This gives the interior text block a great protection for generations of use and a beautiful finish to carry forward through the generations. Our family bibles have pages for keeping family records, including Marriage, Births, Special Events and Memories. A wonderful treasure for any family starting or established.

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