Heraldry Hand Embellished Leather Bible with Coat of Arms


We customize and produce every bible cover when it is ordered and our specialty is working with clients to personalize it.
This listing is especially for those that want their coat of arms or custom heraldry preserved on their bible for generations to come. Our listed price includes hand embellishments of color if you like. We can create a crest from online pictures of what you want, or piece together the elements you want included, but extra charges may apply when they are not "print ready". If you have a high quality jpeg of your family crest, you are probably good to go! We can customize the leather cover with the scripture or quote of your choice and personalize it with your family name. You are welcome to send us your bible, purchase and send one to us, or use one of ours which are listed in our options. We have narrowed down our favorites that are available in the most popular versions that are well made. The family bibles all include a family heritage section for keeping family records. Most standard sizes are approximately 8 x 5.5 x 1. Family bibles are approximately 11 x 9 x 1.75.

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