Leather Hand Finished Medieval Celtic Yin Yang New Testament


This leather design uses some of the most ancient Celtic symbolism I have found dating back to the medieval era, some as early as 800 AD found in Scotland. I added a little different commentary, with the also ancient Yin Yang symbolism, and the Greek Alpha Omega representing Christ,
as the beginning and the end, or as Watcman Nee said, "The Sum of All Spiritual Things". I've pictured the back as well to show how beautifully the leather
itself is showcased when hand dyed.

The hide has gone through the "vegetable" tanning process, the compounds used to treat it come straight from plants (typically tree bark). After I burn the design into the surface, I apply the dye in layers to give it the beautiful "antiqued" look. Because the dye is applied by hand and each
piece of leather has a unique grain which accepts the dye in its own individual way, each piece is a one of a kind. It is also treated with a leather balm which has just a touch of wax. This adds no additional color but seals and protects it as well as giving it that polished look and
'pleasant to the touch' feel. This cover will protect the bible within for generations to come. This is a new edition just created
for this year and will be released in limited quantities.

This is a King James Version, Red Letter edition of the New Testament and has a presentation page in the front. It also has gold gilded pages and
a decorated spine. It measures, 4 3/4" x 3" x 1".

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